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English learning experience

I'm a qualified TEFL English teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with 25 years of experience in teaching English. I specialized in teaching online with a TEOC (Teaching English Online Certificate) which endorses my knowledge in this field.

I speak English with a neutral British accent.

I bring to my classes the most relevant and effective current knowledge in teaching English, tailoring teaching techniques to the particular abilities of each student.

I approach my classes as a Late Night Show based on the following principle: To make a subliminal educational journey, always exciting, fun, unexpected, totally interactive and at a lively pace, in which as you go through the different passages of playful activities that contain an educational background, almost without realizing it, you will manage to learn new vocabulary, expressions, grammar, diction and pronunciation;

You will be able to convey ideas, thoughts and feelings, acquire fluency and confidence in being able to express yourself and perform correctly in English, with the unusual feeling for a language class that you have been participating in a TV quiz show rather than attending a classic, tedious English class.

My specialities are:

Improving your speaking, fluency, vocabulary and how you express yourself and perform in English.

Pronunciation Coaching.

Vocational lessons for travellers or people who just want to expand their communication tools.

Business English.

I can also help you prepare for the following exams:

IELTS - International English Language Testing System. 

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language.

PTE - Pearson Test of English.

CEFR: A2, B1, B2, C1

Cambridge English Exam Preparation:

PET (Preliminary English test)

KET (Key English Test)

FCE (First Certificate in English)

CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam)

English connects you to the world

There are always specific areas when it comes to learning English that you are particularly interested in practising more or even mastering, either because you have a professional interest in that area, such as preparing for a job interview, a personal interest, such as being able to speak English better, more fluently and with a better accent, or a specific interest such as preparing for work in a particular professional field. 

Coaching on pronunciation

Preparing for job interviews

Improving on listening, speaking and fluency

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