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As children we dreamed that when we grew up we would find ourselves in the future we saw in science fiction films and series: travelling through interstellar space, living in a world full of technological devices, creating our own food with a 3D printer, working in some futuristic area that we could not even imagine or conceive at the time, teleportation, instant communication with anyone anywhere in the world, etc... On the other hand, as we grew up, we saw that all this was nothing more than science fiction and that the reality that surrounded us had little or nothing to do with what we dreamed of. However, without us even realising it, technology has been advancing in front of our eyes and also behind our backs. Today, interpersonal communication through mobiles and computers is already a palpable reality that has no precedent in our history, and the incipient Artificial Intelligence is gaining ground every day in all areas of human work, although we are not really aware of it. We are so focused on our lives, our daily chores, our work and our circle of friends and habits that a new future has unknowingly been brewing to become a present reality. The future is already here. In this section, I will feature articles and videos about jaw-dropping advances in technology, artificial intelligence and robotics.
When you watch those videos on Youtube I recommend that you turn on Youtube's automatically generated English subtitles option for a better understanding of the different accents. You will practice two skills here, reading and listening. Please note that the automatically generated subtitles are not 100% accurate, so on occasion the words you read may not match the spoken word, although in general this system is very valid and works quite well for the purpose at hand. I also recommend that you maximise the youtube window to be able to read the subtitles better. 

TOP 5 BEST SOCIAL ROBOTS IN THE WORLD. Each Robot this video introduces represents a breakthrough in technological science. They are specially designed for social interaction, so they were created to look human and of course, their artificial intelligence algorithms make their language, reasoning and ability to interact in a conversation closer and closer to ours. Who wouldn't want a buddy robot at home? Just copy and paste this link to watch the video:

Is Superintelligent AI an Existential Risk? - Nick Bostrom on ASI. This is one of the most fascinating topics that directly concern the human species, as well as one of the most controversial.  What has been called Artificial General Intelligence poses an uncertain future for the human species if it manages to surpass our level of intelligence, which is expected to happen very soon after it has reached our level, simply because it has resources that our biological capacity lacks and because its growth is exponential. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the hypothetical ability of an intelligent agent to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can. It is a primary goal of some artificial intelligence research and a common topic in science fiction and future studies. AGI can also be referred to as strong AI, full AI, or general intelligent action (Although academic sources reserve the term "strong AI" for computer programs that experience sentience or consciousness.)

In contrast to strong AI, weak AI or "narrow AI" is not intended to have general cognitive abilities; rather, weak AI is any program that is designed to solve exactly one problem. (Academic sources reserve "weak AI" for programs that do not experience consciousness or have a mind in the same sense people do.)

As of 2017, over forty organizations are actively researching AGI, and the arrival of AGI is expected to be decades away.

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Sophia and Little Sophia robots. If you were impressed by the previous video, prepare to be amazed by the presentation of these fully human-like robots, capable of gesticulating like a person and identifying and reproducing emotions. Meet Sofia and Little Sofia, who is so cute, so funny! I am totally convinced that when their artificial intelligence algorithms evolve even further to an optimal point, it will be a really special feeling and an innovative and refreshing experience to interact with these mechanical and computer ingenuities, which will most probably be our first humanoid friends ever!

Copy and paste this link to watch the video:

Elon Musk's Message on Artificial Superintelligence - ASI. Elon Musk is on the record stating that artificial superintelligence ASI could bring the end of the human race. Elon has publicly expressed concern about AI many times now. He thinks the advent of digital superintelligence is the most pressing issue for humanity to get right. What happens when machines surpass humans in general intelligence? If machine brains surpassed human brains in general intelligence, then this new superintelligence would have undergone an event called the intelligence explosion, likely to occur in the 21st century. It is unknown what, or who this machine network would become; The issue of superintelligence remains peripheral to mainstream AI research and is mostly discussed by a small group of academics. Besides Elon Musk, Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom is also among well-known public thinkers who are worried about AI. He lays the foundation for understanding the future of humanity and intelligent life: Now imagine a machine, structurally similar to a brain but with immense hardness and flexibility, designed from the bottom scratch to function as an intelligent agent. Given a sufficiently long time, a machine like this could acquire enormous knowledge and skills, surpassing human intellectual capacity in virtually every field. At that point, the machine would have become superintelligent. In other words, the machine's intellectual capacities would exceed those of all of humanity put together by a very large margin. This would represent the most radical change in the history of life on earth. To develop a superintelligence that would benefit humanity, the process has to be done in a series of steps with each step being determined before we move to the next one. It might just be possible to program the AI to help us achieve the things we humans may not be able to do on our own. It is not simply being able to create them and learning how they've been commanded, but it is interacting with them and evolving ourselves at the same time. It is learning how to be human after the first ASI. Elon Musk has many detractors, but what highly successful person doesn't? The term given to this human attitude by basic psychology is ENVY. To me, he is truly a genius, a guru, one of the few people in this world with a historical perspective and a hopeful, sensible, intelligent vision of the future. Perhaps we would need more Elon Musks on our fragile and unique little planet to live in a better world.

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Artificial intelligence and its ethics. Are we facing a golden digital age or will robots soon run the world? We need to establish ethical standards in dealing with artificial intelligence - and answer the question: What still makes us as human beings unique? Mankind is still decades away from self-learning machines that are as intelligent as humans. But already today, chatbots, robots, digital assistants and other artificially intelligent entities exist that can emulate certain human abilities.  Scientists and AI experts agree that we are in a race against time: we need to establish ethical guidelines before technology catches up with us. While AI Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber predicts artificial intelligence will be able to control robotic factories in space, the Swedish-American physicist Max Tegmark warns against a totalitarian AI surveillance state, and the philosopher Thomas Metzinger predicts a deadly AI arms race. But Metzinger also believes that Europe in particular can play a pioneering role on the threshold of this new era: creating a binding international code of ethics.

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Shockingly Realistic Robots II HUMAN ROBOTS.  If you haven't already flipped out enough with what you've seen, be prepared for a stunning visual impact. These shocking, fully human-looking robots can either delight or horrify you. It's up to you. What would go through your mind if you suddenly discovered one day that the person you have been dating, who has perhaps lived with you for several years, and with whom you may have even had children, is a robot!!!!

Of course, I know you think this is all science fiction nonsense, but perhaps we are not so far away from this science fiction being our everyday reality one day. Robots are becoming more and more realistic every day, to the point of being creepy. If you don't believe me, just do a little research on the internet and you'll see. You can start by looking at this image of a hyper-realistic robot that heads this article, and then watch the video I suggest. I can assure you that it will not leave you indifferent ;-)

Who knows, maybe your husband or wife is already one of them. Have you noticed if they have a cable coming out of their butt that plugs into the socket at night? lol

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From Artificial Intelligence to Superintelligence: Nick Bostrom on AI & The Future of Humanity. Artificial Superintelligence or ASI, sometimes referred to as digital superintelligence is the advent of a hypothetical agent that possesses intelligence far surpassing that of the smartest and most gifted human minds. AI is a rapidly growing field of technology with the potential to make huge improvements in human wellbeing. However, the development of machines with intelligence vastly superior to humans will pose special, perhaps even unique risks. Most surveyed AI researchers expect machines to eventually be able to rival humans in intelligence, though there is little consensus on when or how this will happen. One only needs to accept three basic assumptions to recognize the inevitability of superintelligent AI: - Intelligence is a product of information processing in physical systems. - We will continue to improve our intelligent machines. - We do not stand at the peak of intelligence or anywhere near it. Philosopher Nick Bostrom expressed concern about what values a superintelligence should be designed to have. Any type of AI superintelligence could proceed rapidly to its programmed goals, with little or no distribution of power to others. It may not take its designers into account at all. The logic of its goals may not be reconcilable with human ideals. The AI's power might lie in making humans its servants rather than vice versa. If it were to succeed in this, it would "rule without competition under a dictatorship of one". Elon Musk has also warned that the global race toward AI could result in a third world war. To avoid the 'worst mistake in history, it is necessary to understand the nature of an AI race, as well as escape the development that could lead to unfriendly Artificial Superintelligence. To ensure the friendly nature of artificial superintelligence, world leaders should work to ensure that this ASI is beneficial to the entire human race. 

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