This section is a tribute to the English language and the Anglo-Saxon world. Here you will find alternative and complementary ways of learning English, through various manifestations of its culture, such as articles, songs, references to music videos or sitcoms, as well as other types of audiovisual entertainment shows. Everything is valid to learn English, and immersing yourself in their culture and having a good time while learning is certainly the best way to do it.


Sometimes we can't help it if our lives are a bit dull and sometimes even a bit depressing. We should not allow ourselves to go to bed with those negative feelings and emotions, so there is nothing better than a good dose of humour through some of our favourite series or some new ones to discover. Laughing is healthy, it is necessary, and it is wonderful. It makes us relativise our problems and we can perhaps review them from a different perspective. And if our day has been great, watching a sitcom will be great too, simply to celebrate it and improve our mood even more. So you know, there is always a good reason to laugh, enjoy and celebrate life!!! 

The FUTURE is here!

As children we dreamed that when we grew up we would find ourselves in the future we saw in science fiction films and series: travelling through interstellar space, living in a world full of technological devices, creating our food with a 3D printer, working in some futuristic area that we could not even imagine or conceive at the time, teleportation, instant communication with anyone anywhere in the world, etc... On the other hand, as we grew up, we saw that all this was nothing more than science fiction and that the reality that surrounded us had little or nothing to do with what we dreamed of. However, without us even realising it, technology has been advancing in front of our eyes and also behind our backs. Today, interpersonal communication through mobiles and computers is already a palpable reality that has no precedent in our history, and the incipient Artificial Intelligence is gaining ground every day in all areas of human work, although we are not really aware of it. We are so focused on our lives, our daily chores, our work and our circle of friends and habits that a new future has unknowingly been brewing to become a present reality. The future is already here. In this section, I will feature articles about jaw-dropping advances in technology, artificial intelligence and robotics.
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